Hello there! 😄, I'm

Rithvik Podduturi

a creative enthusiast from Hyderabad who loves to design websites and craft engaging content to help businesses thrive.

As the Founder of Newleaf Networks, I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with amazing companies like invideo.io, honing my content creation, social media, and web design skills. 🚀

But wait, there’s more! I’m cooking up plans to launch a podcast 🎙️ or YouTube channel 🎥 where I’ll be interviewing top-notch SaaS industry professionals and sharing valuable insights with you.

When I’m not weaving digital magic, you can find me unwinding with F1 games 🏎️ or on a gastronomic adventure, exploring delectable food 🍽️ in various places.

Let’s connect and create something amazing together! 🤝

My Projects

Newleaf Networks


Blogger Destination


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